The course syllabus serves as an outline of specific course expectations and is the instructor’s contract with his/her students.

Procedure for Instructor Course Syllabus Development and Review

The department chair and/or program director provides each faculty member with a copy of the master course syllabus for each course taught.  The master course syllabus is a guide for the development of an individual instructor’s course syllabus. Conformity with the master syllabus by each faculty member is checked by the department chair and/or program director.

A common syllabus template is used across the curriculum to ensure consistency in the presentation of course information. At least one month prior to the start of a new term, the Office of Academic Affairs sends an email with an updated template and instructions for completing the course syllabus. A syllabus checklist is also attached to the email to ensure that the required elements of the course syllabus are included.  Department chairs and/or program directors use the syllabus checklist to review all departmental syllabi before sending completed documents to the Office of Academic and Student Affairs.

The course syllabus should include the following elements:

  1. The title and number of the course
  2. The text(s) and related materials
  3. The name of the faculty member and other information helpful to students such as office hours or telephone numbers where the students may contact the faculty member
  4. Requirements or assignments by days, weeks, or units
  5. A course outline if not included as part of the information on assignments
  6. A list of any references, materials and/or equipment students are required to use
  7. Factors considered in evaluating and grading students with grading scale clearly explained 
  8. Individual instructor class attendance policies. Instructor policies may not be more rigorous or punitive than general College policy relative to class attendance
  9. Objectives and detailed learning outcomes as established for the course in the master syllabus
  10. Any other information unique to the faculty member's plans for the course
  11. Library and learning resources information
  12. Students with disabilities information

Instructor course syllabi must be submitted to the respective department chair and/or program director by the first day of class for the current term.

Upon completion of their review using the syllabus checklist, department chairs and/or program directors send all departmental syllabi to the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs.

The Office of Academic and Student Affairs archives all course syllabi on the NFC share drive in a file folder called “Syllabi by Term and Year.”