Students may officially withdraw from a course and receive a Withdrawal (“W”) grade. To withdraw from a course the student must meet with an advisor to complete a withdrawal form and then return it to the Registrar’s office within the Office of Enrollment Services. Deadlines for withdrawing from a course are listed in the Academic Calendar. Withdrawal from a course is considered an attempt and will remain on the student’s official College transcript. After the published withdrawal deadline, students may not withdraw except under extenuating circumstances.

Procedure for Student Withdrawal from a Course

The student must initiate the withdrawal procedure. The Withdrawal Form must be completed and processed in the Registrar’s Office in order for a student to officially withdraw from a course. Students are instructed to get faculty initials and last day of attendance for the completion of the form. If a student is unable to meet with his/her instructor(s) face-to-face, he/she should contact the instructor by email, notify him or her of the withdrawal, and request that the last day of attendance be submitted to the Office of Admissions.

Faculty must provide last day of attendance in order for the Office of Admissions to process a student’s withdrawal.