Email Use and FERPA

Student GoMail is the official email communication tool for NFC. GoMail is considered secure because students must log in with their student number and a pin number of their choosing to access their messages. However, be cautious when using email to communicate with students. For example, student information could easily be emailed to the wrong student. Do not use any email to communicate private information other than an NFC GoMail account.

To avoid violations of FERPA rules, DO NOT:

  • at any time use the entire Social Security Number of a student in a public posting of grades
  • link the name of a student with that student's social security number in any public manner
  • leave graded tests in a stack for students to pick up by sorting through the papers of all students
  • circulate a printed class list with student name and social security number or grades as an attendance roster.
  • discuss the progress of any student with anyone other than the student (including parents) without the consent of the student
  • provide anyone with lists of students enrolled in your classes for any commercial purpose
  • provide anyone with student schedules or assist anyone other than NFC employees in finding a student on campus