North Florida College (NFC) course offerings published in the Catalog must correspond with the course offerings in the Statewide Course Numbering System (SCNS), as well as course information in Banner.

The course change procedure has been created to ensure all course additions, changes, and deletions are reported correctly and timely to all departments involved. This procedure is designed to serve as a guide to person(s) modifying, adding, and deleting courses at North Florida College.

Procedure for Course Addition, Change, or Deletion

The Instructor, Department Chair, Program Director/Coordinator, Associate Dean, or Vice President may initiate the request for a new course, course change, or course termination. Use the “Course Change Checklist” as a cover sheet. The “Course Change Checklist” can be found under the Forms section of the Faculty Resources.

Step 1

New Course:

Prepare description of new course and a master syllabus, include justification for course addition; complete the information; initiate approval process with the Office of Academic and Student Affairs (OASA).

Course Update:

Complete the information and initiate approval process with the Office of Academic and Student Affairs.

Course Termination:

Prepare documentation to justify course termination and initiate course termination process with the Office of Academic and Student Affairs.

Step 2

Course change is presented to Faculty Senate for approval; include above documentation.

Faculty Senate reviews request and approves/denies at Faculty Senate meeting. Submit approved/denied request to Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs for review; include Senate meeting minutes.

Step 3

Vice President reviews and approves/denies new course, course update, or course termination. OASA approves the ICS Code based on recommendation from Registrar.

Step 4

OASA submits course request to SCNS (Statewide Course Numbering System); send completed copy to Registrar.

Step 5

Registrar creates, updates, or suspends/inactivates course in Banner.

Step 6

OASA adds, updates, or deletes course info in Catalog; include new course descriptions, if applicable. OASA sends courtesy email to “Entire Campus” with notification of course additions, changes, or terminations.

It is the responsibility of the specific Department Chair or the Program Director/Coordinator to make sure the course information is correct before the new Catalog is published each year.