Solicitation Number: RFQ-NFC-01-2024

Solicitation Name: Request for Qualifications for Architectural Services
Status of RFQ: Open

Description: North Florida College is inviting qualifications statements from professional architectural firms, registered and licensed to do work in the State of Florida, interested in providing architectural design, engineering, and administration for construction services for two projects on its campus located at 325 NW Turner Davis Drive, Madison, FL 32340. The projects are the construction of a new multi-purpose community center which will function as an innovative community access and networking center to provide public access to high-speed, reliable, broadband internet service to enable work, education, and telehealth, and for the renovating, remodeling and adding additional space to an existing warehouse facility which will be repurposed to house Career and Workforce Education programs to offer specialized training and career development opportunities.

Web Page: This web page is updated as the RFQ process progresses and respondents must monitor the page for notices, updates, information, schedules, answers to questions, and addenda to the specifications document, if any, during the entire RFQ process.

RFQ-NFC-01-2024 Specifications Document: The RFQ specifications document provides interested parties with specific information regarding submission of a response to the RFQ and the procedures for selecting architectural services. The document is available for download by clicking on the document link under Documents on this web page.

RFQ Schedule: The RFQ schedule is in the specifications document and includes information regarding timelines and public meetings related to the RFQ.

Deadline for RFQ Responses: RFQ responses, sealed and identified on the outside of the submission with the Respondent’s name and RFQ-NFC-01-2024, are due by 2:00 p.m. EDT on April 23, 2024, to North Florida College, Attn: Tyler Coody, Executive Director of Employment Services, Bldg. 3, Rm. 18, 325 NW Turner Davis Drive, Madison, FL 32340.

Point of Contact for this RFQ: The point of contact for this RFQ is Micah Rodgers, Chief Business Officer. Submit all questions in writing via email to


Document Name

Issue Date

RFQ Specifications  April 3, 2024
Answers to Questions Document 1 April 15, 2024
Answers to Questions Document 2 April 18, 2024
Answers to Questions Document 3 April 18, 2024
Addendum 1 TO RFQ-NFC-01-2024 April 18, 2024
RFQ-NFC-01-2024 4_23_24 List of Responders April 24, 2024
Notice of Intent to Interview Architects April 30, 2024
RFQ-NFC-01-2024 Combined Individual Member Interview Evaluations May 8, 2024
RFQ-NFC-01-2024 Combined Committee Member Written Evaluations May 8, 2024
NOTICE OF AWARD May 22, 2024
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