A current master course syllabus is maintained for each course offered by the College. The master syllabus sets forth the course outline, the expected learning outcomes, the text(s), and other pertinent features of the course.

Procedure for Master Course Syllabus Development and Review

The development of a master course syllabus is guided by the department chair and/or program director for which the course is assigned supervision. The chair and/or director oversees the development and may task faculty who teach the course to contribute to the development of the master syllabus.

A master syllabus template is provided by the Office of Academic and Student Affairs and is posted under Forms on the Faculty Resource webpage. All master syllabi should be created using the same template and include the following elements:

  1. The title and number of the course
  2. The name of the faculty member(s) who prepared the syllabus and the date of preparation
  3. The current text(s) used, including ISBN, author, title, and published 
  4. The student learning outcomes of the course tied to program outcomes
  5. A list of teaching aids and instructional technology required
  6. A list of references or source materials
  7. Factors considered in evaluating and grading students

The master course syllabus is reviewed and updated annually at the department level with input and recommendation from the curriculum committee as needed.

All master syllabi are archived in a file on the NFC share drive called “Master Syllabi.” Department chairs and/or program directors are responsible for providing a master syllabi to instructors within their respective departments to serve as a guide for developing individual course syllabi.