MindTap CENGAGE Class Setup in D2L

  1. Create a course in Cengage
  2. Set up Cengage assignments and due dates (hide what you are not using)
  3. Go to the course shell in D2L
  4. Open Instructor Tools, Edit Course
  5. Open Site Resources, Course Builder
  6. Now build your outline by clicking on the Book symbol under Build Outline and drag it over to the class. You will name your module and hit Create.
  7. Drag the Cengage symbol under Add Content to the Module you just created
  8. Click on Select Content and Expand All
  9. Pick what you want to go into the module and hit Continue.
  10. Continue 6-9 until you are done
  11. Unless your course is not changing, you can copy over but if you have too many changes, always start a new course.
  12. If you have problems, call Connie Zimmerman at 859-657-4663 and she can help you.