Cheri Green Named NFCC Student of the Year

Cheri Green 2019 Student of the YearMADISON, FL - Positive attitude, above-and-beyond work ethic, and commitment to quality work and fellow students, are descriptions used to describe the 2019 North Florida Community College Student of the Year. The recipient of this year’s prestigious student award is Cheri Green of Madison County.

“Cheri is well-known for her above-and-beyond work ethic in the classroom and extra-curricular circles, including PTK membership and involvement with the NFCC Art Club,” said Jennifer Page, NFCC Dean of Academic Affairs. “She is by nature a helper, having recently given of her personal time to assist a student struggling in the classroom. Her positive attitude is reflected through her commitment to all tasks – from minuscule to major – and is evident in her quality of work.”

Green completed an Associate in Science in Digital Media at NFCC in 2017 and will complete an Associate in Arts degree this summer. “The AA degree will help me with the general education credits and pre-requisites I need to enter University of Florida’s online BA in Education Sciences program, which I plan to start in Spring 2020,” said Green.

Green was announced as the Student of the Year during NFCC’s Honors Convocation ceremony on April 23 where students from various academic areas and student organizations received recognition for outstanding achievement and character during the 2018-2019 academic year.

“I feel so honored to receive this award,” said Green. “I may not be the traditional student, attending college straight out of high school, but you can get a college degree at any age. It’s never too late to start.” Green, considered a nontraditional student, works full-time and says she concentrated on quality rather than quantity, focusing on 2-3 classes at a time instead of racing through.

“My instructors and the staff at NFCC have been an incredible support system, always encouraging me to keep working toward my goals, lifting me up when I was struggling, and pushing me to do my best,” said Green. “This journey has taught me a lot about myself and my ability to persist. The strong foundation NFCC provided me has given me the skills and confidence I need to continue my education and pursue a bachelor’s degree.”

Outside of the classroom, Green is a member of the NFCC Phi Theta Kappa Mu Xi Chapter and NFCC Art Club. Her advice to up-and-coming NFCC students is to maintain a healthy work/school/life balance, ask questions and for help when needed, and take advantage of NFCC’s “superb” learning and support services like the Academic Success Center, the college library and peer tutoring. “Most of all, believe in yourself because NFCC believes in you!”