Dale Hackle retires after long, accomplished career

NFCC President John Grosskopf and Dale HackleMADISON, FL– North Florida Community College recently honored Dale Hackle for 40-years of dedicated service and
outstanding commitment to his job, the NFCC family and our community. Dale was born in South Florida and moved to Madison in 1977. In March 1978, he began working at NFCC (then North Florida Junior College) as a maintenance carpenter under the direction of then Maintenance Supervisor Ralph Williams. Dale assumed leadership of the department in 1984 and served as Director of Physical Plant at NFCC through December 2017.

“It’s been a pleasure working with everyone over the years,” said Dale. “It sure has been a challenging and rewarding experience.”

Throughout his career, Dale says he most enjoyed working with all the new construction and maintenance projects and is proud of the campus improvements made over the years. The majority of NFCC buildings have either been remodeled or were built during his tenure.

Dale played an instrumental role in helping get campus facilities and grounds functioning and repaired after an EF3 category tornado hit NFCC in 1988, destroying and damaging buildings and uprooting trees along its path through campus. “It was quite the challenge to get building roofs dried in and to have debris removed to be able to have classes going again. We were closed for four days before we reopened.”

He also had the privilege of working for eight of NFCC’s nine presidents during his years of service. Beginning early in his career and still, Dale is praised for doing an admirable job, for being a fair and strong leader, and for his outstanding dedication to NFCC, the campus and his colleagues.

“Dale has been an amazing steward of NFCC’s campus for decades,” said NFCC President John Grosskopf. “His dedication to the College and the students we serve are a model for the rest of us who serve.”

Dale is married to Gail Hackle who currently works as a senior staff assistant in the NFCC Public Safety Academy. They have been married 42 years, have two sons and three grandchildren. Dale said he was looking forward to spending more time with his family and doing more woodworking, fishing and camping in retirement. He officially passed his NFCC “tool belt” on to current NFCC Director of Physical Plant Glenn Strickland at the end of the year.

“I have enjoyed working with everyone over the years,” said Dale. “I wish the College and its employees the best in the future.”


PHOTO: NFCC President John Grosskopf, left, and NFCC retiree Dale Hackle, right, on Dec. 11 during Hackle’s retirement reception.