High School Students Are Industrial Machinists During Summer Camps at North Florida College

MADISON, FL (July 24, 2023) – High school students from Madison and the surrounding counties explored the fields of mechanics, machinery, and industrial designing during North Florida College’s Build, Fix & Create: Explore Industrial Machinery Camps held June 5th – 8th and June 26th – June 29th.

Students became industrial machinists during each four-day camp on NFC’s campus, where they received hands-on experience in assembling parts on machinery used in the manufacturing process. Students were exposed to different manufacturing processes such as blueprinting, machining, 3D printing, and using precision measurements to bring their designs to life; all done within the Industrial Machinery Maintenance lab and classroom led by Bill Eustace, Advanced Manufacturing & Production Technology Program Instructor at NFC.

“This camp gave students, who like to build, fix, and create machines, an overview of type and scope of performance by skilled service technicians,” said Eustace. “Many large factories use Industrial Machinery Mechanics as a first line of defense to troubleshoot and test equipment, making sure machines run effectively and safely for workers.”

The Industrial Machinery Mechanics Camp introduces students to a multidisciplinary field that addresses manufacturing industry needs. Students can take these building blocks and implement them into a higher learning environment where they can achieve either a workforce certificate or degree. Careers in the Industrial Machinery field include, but are not limited to Production Supervisors, Quality Technicians, Industrial Designers, Maintenance Engineer, Millwrights, and more.

For more information about NFC or its summer camps, call Lynne Wyche, Associate Dean of Student Life, at 850-973-9404 or email wychel@nfc.edu.


Industrial Machinery Summer Camp 1

PHOTO 1: NFC Industrial Machinery Campers take turns measuring and operating machine to cut pieces of their specific design work.

Industrial Machinery Summer Camp 2

PHOTO 2: Campers watch attentively as Camp Instructor, Bill Eustace, demonstrates precision measuring techniques.

Industrial Machinery Summer Camp 3

PHOTO 3: Industrial Machinery Camper works diligently under the supervision of Eustace, to reassemble an electric motor.