Jefferson County STEM Family Night Hosted NFC STEM SEALs

MONTICELLO, FL (May 3, 2023) – On Thursday, April 29, Jefferson County Schools hosted a STEM Family Night to showcase interactive demonstrations related to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) to incoming students and their families. North Florida College participated along with WeatherSTEM Meteorology, TCEC Electric Grids, Gulf Specimen Marine Laboratory, FAMU Entomology World of Bugs and others to engage students, parents and visitors from the community in the world of STEM.

The NFC team exhibited drones, robotic rovers, and microcomputer-based games. The presentation afforded students, families, and educators the opportunity to learn more of the hands-on learning they could experience during the NFC Summer Camp, STEM SEALs Summer Institute 2023 (LAND Challenge).

The camp is an immersive STEM event for middle school students, where they will be introduced to robotics, microprocessors, coding, sensors, actuators, and electrical circuitry through building a land rover capable of autonomous navigation and remote-controlled operation. The six-day camp culminates with a competition where participants will get to showcase their rovers and skills.

The camp is scheduled for July 10th - 15th and is free but participation is limited. If possible, transportation may be provided to outlying counties.

For more information on the NFC STEM SEALs Summer Institute and other NFC summer camps, go to or call 850-973-1660.


NFC STEM SEALs Project Coordinator, Lura Murfee, assists students and their family to start the microcomputer-based game.

Jefferson Co. STEM Family Night Photo #1

Interested students and family members stop by NFC STEM SEALs table to learn more about the upcoming NFC STEM SEALs Summer Institute.

Jefferson Co. STEM Family Night Photo #2