Meet NFC Peer Tutor Joshua Welch

A Valued Tutor in NFC's Academic Success Center Tutor Lab

NFC Peer Tutor Joshua Welch photoMADISON, FL (Nov. 3, 2021) - Peer Tutors are the heart of the North Florida College Academic Success Center's Tutor Lab. They are NFC students who have excelled academically and enjoy a particular subject. They are recommended by faculty members and carefully selected based on academic performance and subject knowledge to help tutor fellow NFC students.

NFC student Joshua Welch has worked as a Peer Tutor in the ASC Tutor Lab for the past three terms. A resident of Hamilton County, Welch is working toward an Associate in Arts degree at NFC with a focus on majoring in history. He says the skills he is acquiring as a peer tutor will be helpful in his future career.

What do you like most about being an NFC Peer Tutor?

I enjoy the applicability of the skills I learn while tutoring. Many of the skills I learn while tutoring are applicable to my future career, so my work is highly educational. I also genuinely enjoy helping decipher students' work and helping them make their case more clearly and effectively.

Why should NFC students utilize the College's tutoring services?

The tutoring lab is here to help all students. If you feel that you have a good grasp of a subject, an extra set of eyes may be all you need, or if you feel hopeless, we can assist with a plethora of problems. The services are free and extremely helpful should you take advantage of them.

How do NFC Peer Tutors support the NFC motto "Sentinels stand together."?

Peer tutors show a willingness to help their comrades succeed at the expense of their time. To sacrifice even time for the betterment of others says a lot about the sense of community being a peer tutor helps foster.

What have you enjoyed most about being an NFC Sentinel?

Thus far I have enjoyed being able to learn and discuss with educated individuals (mainly my professors) about my field of study and make connections to it in typically unrelated fields. The time spent with my instructors has been the most memorable and beneficial thus far I think.

The Academic Success Center (ASC) at North Florida College contains the Tutor Lab and is part of the Learning Resources Department, located inside the Library (Building 4). The ASC exists to provide all NFC students, regardless of academic proficiency, the help and support necessary to ensure successful completion of studies and programs.

  • Writing/English tutors help students in all classes with writing components, not just classes taken.
  • Math, Science, Business, etc. tutors only help students in classes that they have taken themselves or if they have taken a higher-level class in the same discipline (i.e. tutors who have only taken College Algebra can still help students in Intermediate Algebra, but cannot help students in Calculus).

To schedule a session with a peer tutor, please contact the Tutor Lab Manager, Jamen Brock, at or visit for more information including the Peer Tutors weekly schedule. Walk-ins welcome; appointments recommended.