NFC Garden Club Celebrates Florida Arbor Day with Madison Garden Club

MADISON, FL (February 5, 2024) – The Florida Federation of Garden Clubs set a goal of planting 400 trees on January 19th in honor of its 100th anniversary and Florida Arbor Day. To help with the celebration, the North Florida College Garden Club partnered with the Madison Garden Club to plant two native White Oak trees on NFC’s Madison campus.

Florida celebrates Arbor Day in January as many plants are dormant and lose less water this time of year, making them easier to transplant without stress to the trees. Florida Arbor Day emphasizes the role of trees in Florida’s commitment to clean air and environmental preservation.

Hurricane Idalia impacted NFC’s main campus, where many of its natural and planted oak trees were uprooted. NFC’s newly established Garden Club was proud to have its members help start the process of replacing what was taken away.

“This is an opportunity to connect students with members of the community who share an interest in gardening,” states Jessica Fralix, NFC Garden Club Sponsor. “It is also a chance to literally plant roots at NFC as a legacy for future students to carry on the tradition of planting in honor of Florida Arbor Day and help replenish our oak trees.”

The NFC Garden Club is open for students who have an interest in or want to learn more about gardening; where the Club’s overall purpose is to help maintain and preserve the campus’ beautiful landscape. Its goal for 2024 is to establish an edible landscape for NFC students.

For more information on the NFC Garden Club, contact Jessica Fralix at 850-973-9406 or email


02-05-24 Arbor Day Jasmin Evans NFC Garden Club Member

Jasmin Evans, NFC Garden Club Member; and Jacob Everhart, NFC Maintenance Member; helps to cover the tree planted with the Madison Garden Club.

02-05-24 Arbor Day NFC Garden Club and Madison Garden Club

NFC Garden Club and Madison Garden Club members stand proud of the oak tree planted on NFC’s Madison campus. L to R: Caroline Wynn, Anna Stange, Snowey Hagan, Alice Smith, Jackie Johnson, Stephanie Ruff, and Jasmin Evans.