NFCC Announces Spring 2019 President’s List

Madison, FL – Forty-seven North Florida Community College students were named to the President’s List at the conclusion of NFCC’s Spring Term 2019. The President’s List recognizes outstanding academic achievement at the completion of each semester. Inclusion on the list is awarded to all full-time students who, during the term, have earned a grade point average of 3.8 or higher for at least 12 college credit hours of coursework.

NFCC students recognized for academic achievement and named to the President’s List for Spring Term 2019 are:

Hamilton County

Laura M. Johnson

Shirley A. Umstead

Lafayette County

Flor Z. Santiago

Madison County

Abigail E. Boyd

Aubrey L. Day

Roderick K. Shaw

Hannah E. Cooper

Jasmine D. Bryan

Jayla M. Hall

Julissa Munoz

Claire L. Maultsby

Justin T. Burnett

Luke Robinson

Rachel M. Curtis

Summer A. Roberts

Tiffany K. Strickland

Suwannee County

Andres J. Quesada

Ariel N. Jennings

Brianna Mays

Jakob L. McIntosh

Juanita L. Clay

Karen V. Arreguin

Keverly M. Lee

Laken N. Messer

Nathan J. Heburn

Samantha A. Macy

Sarah A. Swindell

Sarah F. Fullington

Shayla M. Smith

Sherry B. Peppers

Sydney L. Williams

Jacquelline Sandoval

Jaylynn M. Smith

Kiana M. Thompson

Taylor County

Caroline E. Middleton

Ceira L. Ragans

Eli C. Dorman

Katelyn M. Ricketson

Ryan K. Ragans

Sarah D. Harden

Bay County

Kathy M. Esser

Leon County

Jazmin R. Hollenbeck

Kasey L. Oliver

Miami-Dade County

Julyett Sanchez

Pasco County

Carrie M. Martin

Union County

Lovee S. Short

Lowndes County, GA

Brianna J. Corbett