NFCC Announces Summer 2018 President’s and Academic Dean’s List

MADISON, FL - Nine NFCC students have been named to the President’s and Academic Dean’s List respectively at the conclusion of NFCC’s Summer Term 2018. Both the President’s and Academic Dean’s List recognize outstanding academic achievement for full-time students at the completion of each semester.

Inclusion on the President’s List is awarded to all full-time students who, during the term, earned a grade point average of 3.8 or higher for at least 12 college credit hours of coursework. Inclusion on the Academic Dean’s List is awarded to students who have earned a grade point average of 3.50 to 3.79 on coursework of at least 12 hours.

NFCC students recognized for academic achievement and named to the NFCC Academic Dean’s and President’s List are:

President's List

Shakira L. Andrews (Hamilton County)

Derrick D. Burrus (Jefferson County)

Jody A. Ledbetter (Jefferson County)

John D. Rice (Taylor County)

Clancy M. Vaughan (Manatee County)

Kyra P. Williams (Lowndes County)

Academic Dean’s List

Rebecca F. Davis (Madison County)

Tyler J. Laemmle (Lafayette County)

Tammy D. Roberson (Madison County)

Congratulations to all students for their outstanding academic achievement. For information contact the Office of College Advancement, (850) 973-1653 or email