North Florida Community College One Step Closer to Changing Name

NFCC District Board of Trustees Approve “North Florida College” as New Name to Send Forward for State Approval

MADISON, FL – In November 2016, North Florida Community College announced plans to select a new name for the College after receiving approval from the State Board of Education to begin a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, the College’s first baccalaureate level program. On January 17, 2017, at the NFCC District Board of Trustees’ regular scheduled meeting, the NFCC Board voted on and approved North Florida College as the new name that they would like NFCC President John Grosskopf to take forward to the Florida Legislature in February for approval. If approved by the state, NFCC will officially adopt the new name in June as it begins advising and marketing for Fall Term 2017 which begins in late August.

In preparation for the decision, NFCC gathered input from focus groups representing NFCC employees, students, alumni and the community in November. Of those surveyed, a total of 176 participants, 85%, chose to retain “North Florida” in the name; 82% chose to keep the current NFCC colors of burgundy, black and grey; and 71% chose to keep the current mascot, a Sentinel.

During discussions to select a new name for NFCC, Suwannee Board member Sandra Haas shared her reasoning for choosing North Florida College as the top choice. “We are defined in the state as North Florida Community College,” said Haas. “If we go with North Florida College, we are not going to lose that identity, but will have the opportunity to enhance it.”

At its Jan. 17 meeting, the NFCC District Board of Trustees also passed a motion to keep the current NFCC colors, but asked NFCC administration to gather more input on ideas to rebrand or change the mascot since 30% of those surveyed had expressed a desire to select a new mascot. Board members asked that a report on the findings be completed within three months and returned to the Board.

With a new bachelor’s program and college name on the horizon, NFCC President John Grosskopf says he is proud to see NFCC moving forward and evolving, but wants to reiterate that the “community” aspect of North Florida Community College will continue to thrive even if the word “community” is no longer in the institution’s official name.

“Community is at the heart of everything we do here at NFCC,” said Grosskopf. “NFCC’s mission and commitment to community will not change. We will continue to be your college, responsive to your needs, and an open door to education and opportunity for the North Florida area.”

This will be the second name change for the College which began offering classes in 1958 as North Florida Junior College. In July 1995, the District Board of Trustees changed the name of the College from North Florida Junior College to North Florida Community College in order to better define the purpose of the institution. Now 20 years later, the College is once again looking forward to a new name that will better define its future, but not change its mission which is centered around its students and community.

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