NFC Office of Dual Enrollment Recognizes Gracie Jenkins as November 2023 Student of the Month

MADISON, FL (November 2, 2023) - The North Florida College Office of Dual Enrollment features a Student of the Month during NFC's spring and fall terms to bring attention to the outstanding students in our district that dual enroll in college courses during their high school years.

Gracie Jenkins, who attends James Madison Preparatory High School, is the NFC Office of Dual Enrollment's Student of the Month for November 2023.

The NFC Office of Dual Enrollment is proud to feature outstanding Sentinels who are dual enrolled in high school and NFC courses. A new dual enrollment student will be featured each month.

November 2023 – Gracie Jenkins

Why did you choose to dual enroll at NFC? I chose to dual enroll here at NFC so I canNFC DE Student of Month November 2023 graduate with my AA.

Which class have you enjoyed the most at NFC? American National Government was such an interesting class. I enjoy learning about our government and how it works.

How is NFC helping you reach your goals? NFC is helping me get a head start in my college career. I will be starting next Fall as a junior in college instead of a freshman.

What are your goals after High School? I plan on attending Florida State University or University of North Florida in the fall of 2024. I will major in Political Science and hopefully have a job in our State Capital next year.

Who at NFC has inspired you the most? Ms. Denise Bell has been my biggest inspiration since my time here at NFC. Since my first day at NFC, she has shown me the opportunities that I had as a dual enrollment student.

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