NFC Office of Dual Enrollment Recognizes Paige Vickers as Student of the Month

MADISON, FL (September 30, 2021) - The North Florida College Office of Dual Enrollment is now featuring a Student of the Month to bring attention to the outstanding students in our districtPaige Vickers DE Student of the Month and Windy Gamble NFC Director of DE 9-2021 that dual enroll in College courses during their high school years. NFC offers dual enrollment to high school students in Hamilton, Jefferson, Lafayette, Madison, Suwannee and Taylor counties. The program allows students to earn college credits while still in high school and at no cost to the student.

This fall, 335 high school students are dual enrolled at NFC and collectively are taking 2,742 credit hours of college-level courses. The students represent 15 area public and private schools in NFC's six-county service area.

Paige Vickers, a homeschool student from Jefferson County, is the NFC Office of Dual Enrollment's Student of the Month for September. She is currently working toward an Associate in Arts (AA) degree at NFC and plans to graduate from the College and high school in 2022.

"I chose to go into dual enrollment at North Florida to further my education and to hopefully receive my AA degree by the time I finish high school," said Vickers. "I would recommend attending NFC because of the wonderful instructors and the small classroom settings. The College has always provided everything I needed to have a successful learning experience."

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For more information on NFC's Dual Enrollment program, contact Dual Enrollment Director Windy Gamble at 850-973-9490 or, or visit The deadline for new high school dual enrollment student applications for NFC's Spring Term 2022 is Dec. 1.

DE Student of the Month Paige Vickers Sept 2021

Paige Vickers - NFC Dual Enrollment Student of the Month

Why did you choose to dual enroll at NFC? I chose to go into dual enrollment at North Florida to further my education and to hopefully receive my AA degree by the time I finish high school.

Which class have you enjoyed the most at NFC? Out of all of the classes I have taken at NFC, my favorite class would have to be Freshman English II with Instructor Knox. I am extremely passionate about writing and her class helped me become even more excited about literature and writing.

How is NFC helping you reach your goals? Many of the wonderful staff and teachers at NFC, over the course of the past few semesters, have helped me reach my goals academically as a successful college student. I am tremendously grateful to already be close to receiving my two-year AA degree before I graduate in Spring of 2022.

What are your educational plans after high school? I plan on going into Interior Design and I hope to receive a major in Interior Design with a minor in Business.

Who at NFC has inspired you? Many of the instructors, such as Rose Knox and Lisa Thompson, at NFC have inspired me throughout my multiple semesters. The first ever class session I had at NFC was with Instructor Knox. Walking into her class, I was tremendously nervous and after just a short amount of time I felt at home. I consider Mrs. Knox to be one of the most inspiring teachers at NFC; she truly is a role model to me. Throughout my two semesters in her Freshman English I and Freshman English II classes, Instructor Knox always inspired me to push my limits as a student and as a writer. I always thoroughly enjoyed her classes and I take many of the lessons I learned and implement them in my daily life. Instructor Knox has such a strong drive for teaching and truly wants the best for her students. One of my favorite quotes Instructor Knox referenced during English 1101 was: "The word is a force; it is the power you have to express and communicate, to think, and thereby to create the events in your life," which is a quote by Miguel Ruiz. Instructor Knox truly showed how powerful and inspiring words can be throughout her English course. In addition to Instructor Knox, Instructor Thompson helped me learn how to draw in both Drawing I and II. I never had even attempted to learn how to draw before her classes. After every single one of her classes, I left wanting more, wanting to draw more, and wanting to get out in the world to explore the world of art. The difference of an Instructor can absolutely shift my entire class experience and many of the Instructors at NFC always had me wanting to learn more and more.

Why would you recommend attending NFC? I would recommend attending NFC because of the wonderful instructors and the small classroom settings. As a dual enrollment student, I never felt less than any of the other older college students. Additionally, the College has always provided everything I needed in order to have a successful learning experience.