NFCC Community Theatre sells out Van H. Priest Auditorium

The NFCC Sentinel Upstage Players receive standing ovation for Shrek the Musical, Jr.

The cast of the Sentinel Upstage Players’s production of Shrek the Musical, Jr. join together in song at NFCC’s Van H. Priest Auditorium on Jan. 28.

MADISON, FL – What a great sight to see North Florida Community College’s Van H. Priest Auditorium

full of community members, students and children – both on stage and filling the audience – during Saturday’s performance of Shrek the Musical, Jr. presented by the NFCC Sentinel Upstage Players, the College’s community theatre troupe. The show sold out a matinee and packed the house for another evening performance in Madison, Fla. Suwannee residents starring in the production included Jack Fry as Pinocchio, Maddie McMillan as Young Fiona and Chrystal Furst as Princess Fiona.

“Words cannot express the love and gratitude for everyone that came out in support of Shrek the Musical, Jr.,” said Denise Bell, NFCC Community Theatre coordinator and play director. “What an awesome cast, crew, parents and grandparents. They have worked hard since September to pull off this production that included 60 cast members, 20 backstage/behind the scenes crew members, 16 Madison Creative Arts Academy chorus members, and all the parents/grandparents that have been with us at every rehearsal. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!”

The cast included a mix of NFCC students and employees, children and members of the community. Those attending raved about the show – “It was an awesome show. Everyone did a great job!” and “It was a fun show to watch. Kudos to all!” were just a couple of the congratulatory comments posted on the NFCC Facebook page.

Willy Gamalero of Madison played the humorous Donkey opposite of Shrek (Hank Thompson). He says it was an amazing experience. “I had a fantastic time working with the cast and crew of Shrek the Musical Jr.,” said Gamalero. “It was a great joy to bring laughter and entertainment to our community.”

The NFCC Sentinel Upstage Players hold at least one major production each year and auditions are open to the public. Participants gain experience in acting, directing, lighting, set design and other areas of the theater. Bell invites anyone interested in taking the spotlight or helping backstage to find out more - “We look forward to seeing everyone again at one of our future productions or even join us on the big stage," said Bell.

Upcoming opportunities include open auditions for the “Sentinel Showcase,” a night of original one act plays written by local playwrights, on Feb. 7 at 6 p.m. at Van H. Priest Auditorium; performance will be held April 7-8. For more information or to get involved with community theatre at NFCC, contact Denise Bell at 850-973-9481 or

Narrator 1 - Sydney Curtis
Narrator 2 - Allie Meyer
Narrator 3 - Ben Gamalero
Mama Ogre - Teagan Dunn
Papa Ogre - Logan Spindell
Little Ogre - Blake Hasty
Shrek - Hank Thompson
Captain of the Guards - Mason Gaston
Pinocchio - Jack Fry (Suwannee County)
Big Bad Wolf - Skyler Dunn
Little Pig 1 - Riley Browning
Little Pig 3 - Anna Meyer
Wicked Witch - Della Webb
Peter Pan - Gabe Gamelero
Ugly Duckling - Leah Mask
Mama Bear - Christian Wigglesworth (Leon County)
Papa Bear - Rachell Frank
Baby Bear - Calli Knight
Donkey - Willie Gamalero
Lord Farquuad - Caden Newman
Gingy - Avery Buchanan (Lafayette County)
Young Fiona - Maddie McMillan (Suwannee County)
Teen Fiona - Lynsie Robinson
Princess Fiona - Chrystal Furst (Suwannee County)
Puss in Boots - Lynsie Robinson
Knight 1 - Ceridwyn Griffis
Knight 2 - Kayla Reeves
Knight 3 - Caibre Phillips
Knight 4 - Abbie Reeves
Dragon - Madison Hallmark (Lafayette County)
Pied Piper - Logan Spindell
Bishop - Luther Collins
Dwarf - Kaleb Frank

Guards/Rats: Madison County: Julia Piurre, Amber McLeod, Kate Poirrer, Courtney Wilder, Ashton Terry, Jaci Graves, Catherine Selph, Audrey Selph

Fairy Tale Characters: Teagan Dunn, Maddie McMillan

Duloc Players: Jessica Hasty, Stephanie Hasty, Gracie Jenkins, Lexi Carroll, Taylor Vickers, Lauri Thigpen, Claire Carpenter, Lucy Cherry, Camryn Bass, Allie Wilkerson and Caibre Johnson

Scene Changers: Sadie Curtis, Gracelynn Phillips, Megan Bass, Mark Uphold, Abigail Lee, Crickett Lee, Danika Lee and Eva Lee