Program Description:
Provides students with the resources to pursue careers in a variety of human services settings. Students will learn introductory principles of human behavior, specific procedures, and processes in human service. Enabling students to use effective communication and social skills and comprehend the legal and ethical duties of human services.

Program Entrance Requirements:
HS Diploma or GED


Mini-Mester A (8 Weeks)

  • HUS 1001 Introduction to Human Services
  • PSY 2012 General Psychology (HYBRID/HYFLEX)
  • SYG 2361 Death and Dying

Total Semester Hours 9

Mini-Mester B (8 Weeks)

  • HUS 1200 Principles of Group Dynamics * 
  • HUS 1302 Counseling and Interviewing *
  • SYG 2430 Marriage and Family

Total Semester Hours 9
*PSY 2012 is a Pre-requisite

Find a Job as:

  • Advocate
  • Clinical Assistant
  • Residential Care Assistant
  • Social Services Assistant
  • Social Worker Assistant
  • And more! Contact our Career & Transfer Center to learn about other careers in this field.