Classification of Instructional Programs

The Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP) provides a taxonomic scheme that supports the accurate tracking and reporting of fields of study and program completions activity.

North Florida College Academic Degrees, Certificate Programs and Diplomas with CIP Codes:

NFC Degree, Program or DiplomaCIP Code

Bachelor of Science

Nursing (RN to BSN)CIP 51.3801

Associate in Arts

Associate in ArtsCIP 24.0101

Associate in Science

Accounting Technology

CIP 52.0302
Associated Certificates
Accntg Tech - Management
Accntg Tech - Operations
Accntg Tech - Specialist

Business Administration

CIP 52.0201
Associated Certificates
Bus Development & Entrepreneurship
Bus Operations
Human Resources Administrator

Criminal Justice Technology

CIP 43.0103
Associated Certificate
Criminal Justice Technology Specialist

Emergency Medical Services

CIP 51.0899
Associated Certificates/Diplomas
Emergency Med Tech - BASIC

Registered Nursing (ADN-RN)

CIP 51.3801

College Credit Certificates

Unlike the College Credit Certificates listed above, these certificates do not reside under a degree program but are groupings of courses designed to prepare students to enter employment or to prepare students for job advancement. Some courses in each certificate and/or specialization may be applied to a related degree. See your advisor for discussion of these articulations.

Digital Media/Multimedia Authoring Certificate

CIP 50.0102

Digital Media/Multimedia Instructional Technology Certificate

CIP 50.0102

Preschool Specialization Certificate

CIP 19.0709

Network Security Certificate

CIP 11.1001

Vocational credit hours/Clock Hours Programs

These programs are offered through the Career and Technical Education Center of North Florida College and are designed to prepare students for employment. These programs train students in skills and technical knowledge areas necessary in today’s job market.

Automation and Production TechnologyCIP 15.0406
Child Care Center OperationsCIP 19.0708
Commercial Vehicle DrivingCIP 49.0205
Corrections and Law Enforcement Basic, Dual CertificationCIP 43.0107
Correctional Probation Officer Cross-over to FL Law Enforcement OfficerCIP 43.0107
Correctional Probation Officer Cross-over to FL Correctional Officer - 3004CIP.43.0102
Early Childhood Professional Certificate (ECPC) CIP 19.0709
Florida Correctional, Basic Recruit Academy- 1190CIP 43.0102
Florida Correctional Officer Cross-over to FL Law Enforcement Academy - 3002CIP 43.0107
Florida Law Enforcement AcademyCIP 43.0107
Law Enforcement Officer Cross-over to Correctional Officer Basic Recruit Academy - 3001CIP 43.0102
Medical Coder BillerCIP 51.0707
Medical AssistingCIP 51.0801
Office Technology: Administrative Office SpecialistCIP 52.0401
Office Technology: Medical Administrative SpecialistCIP 51.0716
Patient Care TechnicianCIP 51.3902
Practical Nursing (LPN)CIP 51.3901